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Our vision: Inspire self-belief, instil moral values and ignite a love for life-long learning. We still have places available for Nursery and Reception, please contact the academy for further information.


Our Science coordinator is Mrs Davies


 "I love Science because you find out interesting, new things and get to do exciting experiments!" 

 "Science is important because it lets us be curious and investigate new things and find out why things happen." 




At Towngate Primary Academy, we teach weekly science lessons across both Key Stages. Early Years deliver science through focus sessions and both indoor and outdoor provision. Science is a subject specific lesson and where appropriate cross-curricular links are made. These lessons build upon previously taught knowledge, skills and vocabulary.  Teachers use subject progression grids alongside their planning to understand previously taught knowledge, skills and vocabulary and where the children’s learning will progress throughout school. This allows the children to acquire knowledge and know more, remember more.

Key Stage One and Key Stage Two teachers cover the objectives set out in the Programmes of Study in the National Curriculum and follow the ‘Snap Science’ scheme to reduce teacher workload and support subject knowledge.  Lessons at Towngate Primary Academy include reviews of previously taught skills, knowledge and vocabulary and we promote an importance of an investigative approach through regular ‘hands on’ experiences. Each unit of work has a science assessment sheet provided by the Curriculum Leader, which covers the objectives set out in the National Curriculum, teachers use this to identify gaps and identify children working above expected. 


During science lessons at Towngate Primary Academy, children are following a clear, progressive scheme of work alongside the National Curriculum. Teaching and learning in the classroom should show progression across all Key Stages within the scientific strands. Children have access to key vocabulary and meanings through knowledge organisers and working walls to allow them to know more, remember more and apply to their written, mathematical and verbal communication skills. Children will be able to review and build upon prior skills, knowledge and vocabulary to allow them to work scientifically and become enquiry based learners. Where appropriate, cross-curricular links are evident in the weekly teaching of science where children are encouraged to practise their maths, English and represent our values based learning, SMSC and British Values. Educational visits take place throughout school, which link to science based learning to enhance the children’s learning experiences through hands on, practical activities led by specialists.



Children at Towngate Primary Academy understand the importance of science and enjoy science through the variety of lessons and experiments they experience, this is evident through pupil voice and monitoring which takes places every half term by the curriculum leader. Children will achieve age related expectations by the end of each year group, through high quality teaching and consistency of teaching through the subject progression grids. This allows children to know more, remember more and be confident throughout school in their knowledge, skills and vocabulary of science. 

Working Scientifically:

At Towngate we are always looking to provide the children with hands on experiments and encouraging them to think and work scientifically. This includes: making predictions, observing closely using simple equipment, answering questions and asking simple questions, recording and gathering data and carrying out a fair test.



As part of our broad and balanced curriculum we have developed a school eco team. Using our British Values each child has an opportunity to put themselves forward to be their class representative, each class votes for who they think will best suit this role.

Role of eco-team:

Eco team are passioniate about the environment and the world around them. They thrive to search for different ways the school can help the environment and contribute to helping the world we live in.


Here are some of the things eco team have achieved to date:


- Planted trees


- Planted flowers and herbs


- Made a wormery


- Placed a hedgehog house


- Released frogspawn into the pond


- Made bug hotels


- Fundraised


- Made Christmas decorations from natural materials


- Researched and gone around school to see how we can save energy


Last year, with the support of the PTA eco team rasied money to have our very own school pet! Meet Shelly, our school tortiose that has provided each class with different experiences and opportunities. Throughout the year each class is provided with the chance to care for Shelly and have her in their classroom. 

Actions for this academic year:

Eco team are planning to fundraise to adopt an endangered animal, make winter bird feeders and research more ways we can recycle in school. The eco team are also hoping to collect and recycle used batteries! Look out for any batteries and bring them into school.




Please visit our twitter feed to see what we are learning across the school in science:




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