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Our vision: Inspire self-belief, instil moral values and ignite a love for life-long learning. We still have places available for Nursery and Reception starting in September, 2019. Please contact the academy for further information.

Key Stage 2

Welcome to Key Stage 2

Here at Towngate Primary Academy, we strive to give every child an inspiring and motivating school experience as they progress through their learning journey. In Key Stage Two, we invest time in preparing the children to be self-motivated, to develop an enquiring mind, to have high aspirations and to be independent thinkers and to demonstrate our core values in their own choices and behaviours. 



Who's who?

Year 6 - Miss Eke (Deputy Headteacher) and Mrs Schofield

Year 5 - Miss Atkinson (Key Stage 2 Leader), Mrs Drury

Year 4 - Miss Johnstone, Mrs Bailey 

Year 3/4 - Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Allen, Miss Broadbent and Mrs Gordon (maternity leave) 

Year 3 - Mr Hellam, Mrs Watters 


 Our Academy Uniform

 At Towngate Primary Academy, we encourage the children to be smart in appearance so they are ready to learn. Please see below for a list of our academy uniform:

- White polo shirt or collared shirt 

- Grey trousers, shorts or skirt 

- Blue summer dress or grey pinafore 

- Navy blue academy jumper or cardigan 

- Black shoes


PE Kit 

It is important for the children to have correct PE kit in school, including footwear, to fully participate in PE lessons and sporting activities. 


- Black or navy shorts 

- White polo shirt or t-shirt 

- Pumps or trainers 


- Black or navy shorts or jogging bottoms 

- White polo shirt or t-shirt 

- Black or navy hoody/jacket 

- Trainers 




In Key Stage 2, we provide regular, age-appropriate homework to ensure chidlren are able to continue their learning at home and consolodate key skills. Homework is set weekly and in-line with the academy's homework policy; we encourage all parents to support their children in regularly completing their homework tasks to ensure this has maximum impact on the outcomes of all our children.

Years 3 and 4

Homework in lower key stage includes weekly times table practice, regular reading at home with an adult, weekly spellings and termly holiday projects which are linked to the current topics within the classroom. 

Years 5 and 6

Homework in upper key stage includes weekly times table practice, maths workbooks with tasks set, weekly spellings, reading regularly at home and termly holiday projects linked to current topics within the classroom. In Year 6, after February half term, children are required to complete revision which is provided to all children in preparation for their SATs assessments in May. 



Take a look at what exciting things we have been up to this week!

 8th March, 2019 

This week in Key Stage 2, Lower Key Stage have been fully immersed in their next class text - Robin Hood. This links closely to their new History topic about Early Law Makers. This week the children have learnt about significant dates in history such as the difference in dates between when men and women were first allowed to cast a vote! Year 4 have been looking forward to getting started on their big build project this morning.In Upper Key stage 2, this week Year 5 have started their DT project ready for this terms INSPIRE morning! Year 6 have had a great time restarting their swimming sessions at Ossett Academy! Years 5 and 6 have been working hard on developing their reading area and have taken responsibility over organising texts by author and genre; we now have a wonderful communal reading area to enjoy.It was lovely to see so many children in their World Book Day costumes yesterday, we all had a fantastic day!


15th March, 2019
This week in Key Stage 2, Year 6 have enjoyed a mindfulness workshop looking at how to manage feelings of stress and anxiety in their lives, especially leading up to the SATS. This will be followed up over the next two weeks enabling the children to develop a bank of tools and strategies to equip them for later life. Year 5 have enjoyed reading the poem 'The Highwayman'; we have explored themes of love, hate and selflessness. Year 4 have really enjoyed their second Big Build session where they have worked with Jacob's engineers to decide what materials they would need to go to space. Year 3 have explored sound vibrations using ukuleles; the children are now able to identify how sound is made and how to change pitch.

22nd March,2019 

Year 6 have enjoyed their second mindfulness workshop continuing to learn strategies to help feel relaxed and have worked hard exploring angles in their maths work this week. As part of their science topic, Year 5 have explored how time is measured by making their own sundials and testing them on the school playground! Year 4 have really enjoyed their science learning this week experimenting with string telephones to find out about how sound travels. Year 3/4 have enjoyed learning hockey skills during their games lesson this week. In their English work, Year 3 have been writing a balanced argument based around their class text - Robin Hood. All of LKS2 have enjoyed their local walk to the church this week and were amazed by the stories in the stain glass windows.


29th March, 2019

This week in Key Stage 2, Mr Hellam’s class have challenged themselves by using their writing skills during a topic lesson to write a diary entry about a day in the life of a Victorian prisoner. They studied the impact the punishments would have on prisoners in the past. Year 3/4 have enjoyed creating a stained glass window based on their own values and beliefs following their local walk to Holy Trinity church last week. Year 5 have been working hard with Mr Ramsden carrying out an experiment to investigate the difference in shadows throughout the school day. They also had a fantastic INSPIRE morning yesterday, creating their own rockets and making them blast off using a chemical reaction! Year 6 had their final stress workshop this week. We would like to say a big well done to all of year six for being so mature and for engaging with each session.


5th April, 2019

 This week Year 3 had an incredible time on their Kingswood residential! This children had the opportunity to build on their teamwork skills and all the staff were thrilled with their positive attitudes and fantastic behaviour! Well done Year 3! Year 4 enjoyed welcoming their parents and carers in for their INSPIRE afternoon making sound proof boxes as part of their science projects. Thank you to everyone who came along to work with the children. Year 5 have enjoyed building their team work skills creating their own games. They focused on space, task, people and equipment and then taught their games to each other. Well done year 5. Year 6 have created a freedom quilt during their INSPIRE this week. They worked hard to develop their sewing skills alongside parents and carers. Thank you to everyone who came along - we hope you enjoyed it!


26th April 2019 

Year 6 enjoyed a Wakefield Museum Workshop this Friday, where they learnt about the history of elections and how these have changed over the years. Year 6 have also come back to school with a positive attitude, prepared to give 100% effort towards the final push before our SATs assessments in May. Year 5 have enjoyed learning about their new topic, the USA – they will be exploring the similarities and differences between the USA and the UK. If anyone has visited the USA and has any photographs, please feel free to bring them in and share them with us! In Year 4, the children were thrilled to share their winning Last Choir Standing performance with the local community during our competition this week. Lower Key Stage Two children have introduced their new English topic – myths and legends – and look forward to creating their own during this half term!


3rd May 2019

Year 3 have commenced their learning about Ancient Greece - completing independent research towards questions they had posed themselves. They have also enjoyed a game of rounders during PE! What an exciting week!  Year 4 have had a fantastic time trampolining this week at Ossett Academy; the children showed exemplary behaviour and were a real credit to the school – thank you and well done everyone! Year 5 have enjoyed reading a new class novel called Skellig by David Almond. We have been focusing closely on the characters and have created our own diary entries from different points of view. We have also compared various states of the USA focusing on physical and human features - contrasting them with features from our own country. This week, Year 6 have focused on famous abolitionists of slavery. We carried out our own independent research into key figures, their beliefs and methods of ending slavery and we discussed whether or not those methods would be appropriate today.  Well done everyone – we are all incredibly proud of you and your hard work!


10th May, 2019

This week in Key Stage 2, it was Year 6's penultimate week before their SATS. The children have shown lots of hard work and dedication this week, enjoying games such as 'who wants to be a millionaire?' Well done Year 6, we are all looking forward to next week when you will be preparing for your residential trip! Year 5 have enjoyed their walk around the local area. They have been identifying different human and physical features with a focus on how humans have impacted on the environment.  Year 3 have enjoyed a local walk to the Coop, where they have searched for different Greek foods, looking closely at the ingredients. Year 3/4 have enjoyed taking part in a discussion comparing different religions in RE and have enjoyed exploring Greeks myths within their English curriculum. 

17th May, 2019

This week in Key Stage 2 we have all been extremely proud of Year 6 for their continued hard work and dedication throughout SATs week. We hope you enjoy your pizza party with a slice of cake followed by your trip to Kingswood next week! We can't wait to hear all about it.   In Year 5, we have worked hard writing a balanced argument about our class novel Skellig. We have focused on using ambitious vocabulary and cohesive devices. We have also enjoyed creating our own pieces of art based on the style of Andy Warhol.  Year 4, have been researching and writing about the Greek Olympics and are looking forward to holding their own Olympic event next week!   Year 3/4 have enjoyed their local walk to the Coop as part of their topic on Greece. They have investigated the prices of Greek foods and even bought some to bring back to school!  Year 3, have been busy painting watercolour pictures focusing on developing their mixing and blending skills.


24th May,2019

In Key Stage 2 this week, Mr Hellam and Mrs Mitchell's classes have thoroughly enjoyed their INSPIRE afternoons with their parents and carers. They have made Brazillian inspired Mardi Gras carnival masks which will be displayed in the KS2 corridor! Well done everyone - they look incredible! Miss Johnstone's class have been investigating ways in which they can help the environment. They also enjoyed an extra playtime for winning last weeks marbles! Well done Year 4 and keep up the hard work. Miss Atkinson's class have been thinking carefully about their dreams and aspirations. they have focused on the attitudes and behaviours it will take to achieve these and be successful. Miss Eke's class have had a wonderful time at Kingswood on their holiday. They have enjoyed team building activities and all showed incredible cooperation and bravery. Miss Eke and Mrs Schofield are extremely proud of each and every one of you for your hard work during SATs and your behaviour this week - well done! 

14th June,2019

Welcome back to everyone in Key Stage 2, what a busy first week back! Upper key stage enjoyed a visit from Explore Learning this week and participated in two exciting maths workshops. Year 6 explored budgeting by creating signs with specific rules and measurements to comply with. Year 5 were asked to create a new menu for the school dinner menu; they explored statistics and ways of presenting data to decide their choices.  This week lower key stage have enjoyed launching their new history topic 'Stone Age to Iron Age' by becoming archaeologists and digging for artefacts. They had to search for clues, plotting their search areas and finally having to decode clues and messages

21st June,2019

This week in key Stage 2, year 6 have enjoyed learning about local history and during their Wakefield Museum workshop enjoyed tasting Pontefract cakes. They designed their own packaging and enjoyed tasting these delicious treats. They have also been visited by Mr Nickerson (our road safety officer) to think about road safety and transition to high school. They discussed taking precautions when walking to high school such as keeping visible and walking with others where possible. 
Year 5 have had a fantastic week, which began with an exciting camping experience on the school field. The Outdoors People provided them with a range of activities such as water purification, fire lighting, survival skills, pendant making and even bug eating! Miss Atkinson and Mrs Drury were incredibly proud of all the children for their teamwork, enthusiasm and resilience over these two days!
Year 4 have enjoyed their INSPIRE afternoon alongside their parents and carers. They created Mardi Gras masks as part of their French learning. Miss Johnstone was very proud of the children for their creativity and teamwork during the afternoon. Year 3/4 have enjoyed reading their class text 'Stig of the Dump' and have written their own persuasive letters focusing on their grammatical skills to develop their writing. In science, Year 3/4 have looked at how food breaks down in the digestive system. They held a cracker in their mouth and, without chewing it, investigated how saliva made the taste change. 
Year 3 have enjoyed an exciting afternoon of PE during which some children created a dance with a skilled specialist and some played a very competitive game of basketball with a sports coach. Both activities helped the children practise their balancing, co-ordination and teamwork skills. 

28th June 2019

This week in KS2 Year 3 have been learning about the Islamic festival of Ramadan and are looking forward to creating their very own podcast about everything they have learnt.  Year 3/4 have enjoyed a Stone Age workshop from Wakefield Museum looking at artefacts from the Stone Age, examining them carefully and predicting what they were.  Year 4 have been writing a script for a TV documentary on religious festivals. They have shared ideas about how different religions celebrate festivals and written a script ready to perform.   Year 5 have enjoyed practising their sewing skills in preparation for this year’s Art Week. They have experimented with running stitch, cross-stitch and backstitch and have needed to show resilience in order to develop their skills.  Year 6 have explored how historical slavery has impacted the future and present day. They focused on key figures such as Harriet Tubman and Mary Prince and made links between these key role models and other important people.

5th July 2019

Class 3 have enjoyed creating their own invasion games in PE - using all of the ball skills they have been learning for the past term, the children worked cooperatively to make brand new games. The children then became the teachers and taught their friends how to play. Class 3/4 have enjoyed starting their sewing for art week. The year 3's are focusing on running stitch and adding felt to create effective designs. The year 4's are focusing on mixed stitches such as running stitch and cross-stitch.  Class 4 have enjoyed their final big build workshop working as a team with a leader to design and create a rocket out of small Lego bricks; each person made a small section of the rocket and then these were combined together.  In Year 5, the children have been busy preparing and cooking their own seasonal vegetable kebabs on BBQ to further develop their understanding of healthy foods and how tasty these can be! All of the children enjoyed discovering new vegetables and giving them a try! Year 6 have been extremely excited getting ready for their two days of transition at Ossett, Cathedral and Horbury in preparation for next year. Good luck everyone – we can’t wait to hear all about it

12th July 2019

Year 6 have received their KS2 assessment results and we could not be prouder of each and every one of them! Well done again Year 6 for such hard work and dedication throughout the year! Year 6 also enjoyed making Cornish pasties this week as part of our history learning about miners and the mining strike of 1984. Thank you Miss Pamment and Mrs Edwards for helping us!  Year 5 have enjoyed learning about famous pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and considered the impact they had on our lives today. They have also learnt amount homophobia and had a mature discussion about how this is a form of bullying.  Year 4 have worked together to research and compare the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age focusing on homes, tools and hunting.  Year 3/4 have been working hard developing their sewing skills focusing on consistency and accuracy of their stitches to create a fantastic coat of arms! Well done Year 3/4.  Year 3 have worked hard to produce a non-chronological report about the Stone Age. They ensured that they included accurate facts and statistics and ambitious vocabulary!

19th July 2019

 This week in Key Stage Two, all teachers have loved meeting their new classes during transition and we cannot wait until September! Year 6 have enjoyed their final swimming session on Thursday - they had a wonderful time playing games with floats and pool noodles to conclude their swimming sessions. Year 5 have enjoyed their treats which they won at the summer fayre including lunch with teachers, DVD afternoon, non-uniform and extra playtime! Well done everyone! Year 4 have enjoyed vising Ossett Academy as part of their Big Build project - they worked collaboratively with other children from local schools to build a suspension bridge, which was strong enough to hold various weights. Year 3/4 have worked hard to write their own instructions to make a Stone Age hand axe, which were used for cutting down trees and scavenging. They have also enjoyed their story time this week reading Stig of the Dump. Year 3 have enjoyed investigating a variety of different angles in maths. They have been looking closely at right angles and finding these across our classroom environment. Children have been working hard to solve tricky problems requiring them to examine shapes closely.

25th July 2019

This week in Key Stage 2, we have all enjoyed our last weeks within our classrooms and have been excited about next year.  Year 6 have been busy preparing for their leavers assembly on Friday and have enjoyed reminiscing on their favourite memories at Towngate!  Year 5 were very proud to celebrate being the KS2 winners of Towngate’s Got Talent 2019 and have written letters to their new teachers in the run up to the new academic year.  Year 4 have been busy developing their singing skills and cracking codes as part of their maths learning.  Year 3/4, have been reflecting on their achievements this year and have thought about what they wish to achieve next year.  Year 3 have been planning Stone Age cave paintings in their sketchpads and then recreated these by painting them onto the playground!
Have a great summer everyone

6th September 2019

Welcome back to our children, parents and carers in KS1. It was lovely to see you all back to start the new school year. This week in KS1, we have had wonderful team building afternoons thinking about some of our values - cooperation, tolerance and patience. We have all made a new friend and have got to know each other in the different KS1 classes. 
Please could we remind you that the children's homework is to read at home each night for about 10 minutes. Please write in the yellow record book and always return to school each day as we sometimes have extra time to do extra reading. 
Thank you to those who attended the 'Meet the teacher' meetings - it was lovely to see you there.


13th September 2019 

What a busy week in Key Stage Two!
Upper Key Stage have been busy applying for leadership roles across the academy and we were very pleased to announce this
year’s leaders this morning. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who applied! Year Five and Six were lucky
enough to have a visit from Explore Learning on Thursday, where they had the opportunity to develop their creative writing
skills in describing a mystery animal!
Lower Key Stage have been developing their art skills by drawing three-dimensional shapes in the style of Lowry. In PE, Year 3
have practising their rugby skills by working in groups learning to find spaces and intercept passes! In science, the children have
been investigating light - they have used their skills to make rainbows by using mirrors!

20th Septemebr 2019

What a busy week in Key Stage Two!
In Year 6, we have been joined by Mr McPhail, who began our outdoor learning on Monday. We had a lovely start to the year and began various outdoor learning projects around our school site. We have also been working hard to impress our teachers in creating some excellent formal letters to complement our English learning around the text, Billy Elliot. In Year 5, we have been using role play to consider how we would react to various situations using our values and morals; we enjoyed discussing our own opinions and debating what we thought to be the correct actions.  In Year 4, all classroom instructions this week have been given in French to both children and adults to help us develop our language skills. In Year 3/4, we have been using a range of sources from the national archive to explore what houses were like during the Victorian period in 1837-1901.   In Year 3, we have been practising plotting numbers onto a number line practically and enjoyed justifying our estimations. 

27th September 2019

This week in Key Stage Two, Years 6 and 5 have been busy following recipes and baking in preparation for our MacMillan Coffee morning.  The Key Stage Two band have been had a successful second week rehearsing together and combining their skills of singing, guitar, drums and cello.  Year 5 have had a fantastic time at the Coal Mining Museum and had faces covered with coal; Year 6 are looking forward to their chance to explore deep underground on Monday!  Year 3 have been visited by the school nurse, who spoke about healthy eating and looking after our teeth.  Year 4 have finished creating their scarecrow ready for this weekend’s Ossett Scarecrow Festival - we look forward to seeing you all there!

4th October 2019

This week in Key Stage Two, Year 6 have experienced an exciting underground experience at the Coal Mining Museum where they had the chance to go down the mine and meet some real miners! Year 5 have enjoyed a local walk around Ossett, looking at the areas where old coal mines used to be situated such as Longlands, Flushdyke, Low Laithes and Gawthorpe. Year 4 have been developing their art and history skills by sketching Victorian and modern landscapes. Year 3, have been focusing their RE learning on Hindu beliefs of reincarnation and enjoyed sharing their opinions with their peers. 

11th October 2019

Upper Key Stage have enjoyed a careers workshop by health care professionals. The children were informed about details of different careers by a HR representative, a care worker, a social worker, a health worker and an occupational therapist. The children explored via VR what it would be like to have dementia, investigated bacteria and explored living aids for people with mobility difficulties.  Lower Key Stage have been developing their passing and tackling skills during their PE session with their Huddersfield Giants coach. They have focused on the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship and effective communication! Well done everyone.

18th October 2019

Lower Key Stage have enjoyed their INSPIRE afternoons, celebrating their learning with parents and carers. The children used oil pastels to recreate landscape pictures inspired by Lowry and their history topic of Victorians. This week, the children have also enjoyed a Wakefield Museum workshop about how our local area, Ossett, has changed and developed since the Victorian era. 

In Upper Key Stage, Year 5a have explored what happens as blood circulates the body and Year 5b have learnt how to find and measure their pulse rate and what can impact on this. Year 6 have researched the key figures who impacted upon the 1980's mining strike and have enjoyed debating their opinions on the topic.  





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