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English coordinator:

Miss L Eke 





English at Towngate Primary Academy


Our aims in English: 

English is a core subject of the National Curriculum and a prerequisite for educational and social progress as it underpins the work undertaken in all other areas of the curriculum.The acquisition of language skills is of the utmost importance and therefore the teaching of all aspects English is given a high priority within school. Confidence in basic language skills enables children to communicate creatively and imaginatively, preparing them for the future.

  • We value the importance of English as an essential tool for life.
  • Our aim is to ensure that every child becomes a reader, a writer and confident speaker.
  •  We promote high standards of language and literacy by firstly equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word and we develop their love of literature through widespread reading for enjoyment.
  • We seek to ensure that all children achieve their full potential in all aspects of English.


Reading at Towngate Primary Academy

Reading is a high priorty area of our English curriculum at Towngate Primary Academy. Reading is a fundamental skill, used to stimulate children's imaginations and learn to aquire a love for books. A centralised aspect of our Book-Led Curriculum across the Academy, reading influences the thoughts, feelings and emotions of all our learners. We carefully monitor the children’s reading at home and encourage parents to be fully active and engaged with us in this in order to support their child’s ongoing development. 

Reading  takes place at least once a week in a Guided Reading group with a teacher or teaching assistant. If children are working below their chronological reading age, targeted intervention and support is put in place. Children in all classes still have access to story time and have a class book for a sustained period: this ensures that reading is correctly modelled to children as well as giving them the opportunity to enjoy being read to! Each term, our classes have a new 'author of the term' and are able to read a wide variety of texts written by specific authors.

Please see our 'English Policy' for further information about reading within the Academy or take a look at the 'Recommended Reads' for your child's year group.











Writing at Towngate Primary Academy 

We aim to develop children’s ability to produce well-structured, detailed writing in which the meaning is made clear and which engages the interest of the audience / reader. Particular attention is paid throughout the school to the formal structures of English: grammatical detail, punctuation and spelling. Our approach at Towngate Primary Academy when teaching writing covers the transcription and composition requirements of the National Curriculum.

Throughout Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, our writing follows the Book-Led curriculum in place across the academy. Writing opportunities are sourced and developed based on the class text within each year group. Our curriculum allows Key Stage Two children to have the opportunity to explore high-quality texts in depth, enhancing reading comprehension and providing meaningful contexts and purposes for writing. The teaching of this programme is flexible and class teachers are then, in turn, able to apply their own creativity to cover the objectives across Key Stage 2.

Teachers clearly model writing skills and document the learning journey through consistent working walls; guided writing sessions are used to target specific needs of both groups and individuals. Children have opportunities to write at length, in extended, independent writing sessions at the end of a unit of work – applying their taught skills to an unsupported piece of writing. For further information about the variety of novels used to stimulate writing in each of our classes, please see our book-led curriculum overview.



Grammar at Towngate Primary Academy 

As stipulated in the National Curriculum, the grammar of our first language is learnt naturally and implicitly through interactions with other speakers and from reading. Explicit knowledge of grammar is, however, very important, as it gives us more conscious control and choice in our language.

Grammar lessons are taught weekly as part of our book-led curriculum and sequence of lessons. Pupils are taught discrete grammar skills using our Collins Connect scheme of learning, allowing opportunities to identify, practice and consolidate grammatical understanding. Opportunities are then provided for our pupils to apply their grammar understanding across 'reasoning' style grammar tasks. It is class teachers' expectations that, following the sequence of lessons to form building blocks to a piece of writing, pupils will begin to independently apply the grammar skills and content taught and embed these within their writing. 


Spelling at Towngate Primary Academy 

At Towngate Primary Academy, spelling is taught regularly in focused sessions within each class. Class teachers use Collins Connect to support with the teaching for spelling and this can then often be used as homework for children when applicable. Spellings are sent home in each year group as part of the children’s homework; the pupils are then tested on these words in their weekly spelling tests.

Please find attached our long term spelling overview, linked to the National Curriculum English Appendix 1.



Please see our twitter feed to explore our English curriculum in further detail! 






Recommended Reads:

Take a look at the recommended texts for your child's year group as published by Explore Learning:

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