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Have a lovely half term. We look forward to welcoming children back on Monday 2nd November. F2 are due back in school from Tuesday 3rd November. Thank you

Early Years


Our Early Years Leader is Mrs Kimbley

01924 302865


 Welcome to Towngate Primary Academy

I have been the Early Years leader at Towngate Primary Academy for the past four years. I am passionate that all children are supported and are encouraged throughout our setting to reach their full potential and prepare them for school life. I would like to share with you our vision for our Early Years settings.


Early Years Vision Statement


At Towngate Primary Academy it is our intention that all children are able to achieve their full potential and develop a love for learning as they progress through the school.

All staff see the children as being at the heart of all we do. From the moment the children enter the classroom staff aim to ensure that both the children and their parents and carers feel welcome, valued and supported through their time in Foundation Stage. We have an open door policy through which we work towards developing an environment of mutual trust and respect.

We have high expectations of all staff and children within the setting. Ensuring that children feel safe and confident is at the heart of establishing a positive learning environment. Through valuing the children’s contributions to their curriculum and supporting their thinking, staff aim to move each child’s learning forward and encourage them to value their own learning and be reflective. Through our school values and rules, we teach the children to be ready, respectful and safe. We encourage children to develop independence, perseverance and determination and willingness to “have a go”, seeing a mistake as a vehicle for learning.

The environment is at the centre of the children’s learning. Staff ensure that resources are readily available and scaffold the child’s development and understanding of key skills. Areas are regularly changed and resources clearly labelled to promote a clear sense of independence when working within the provision. We aim to provide a language rich environment, which promotes a love of reading, writing and communication. We plan for all areas of the curriculum, and ensure these are embedded through the learning environment, allowing children to access a range of learning opportunities. The indoor and outdoor environment are of equal importance and enable the children to develop within all areas of the curriculum. Each offer their own unique experiences, which staff support through thoughtful interactions and questioning. The children demonstrated their characteristics of effective learning, by exploring resources and new skills, thinking critically and being willing to solve problems.

Staff interaction with the children are central to the children’s progress. Ensuring all staff have a good understanding of each child as an individual and of their learning and next steps, this is essential to ensuring learning is progressive and immersive. Staff work effectively as a team to teach and support children through focused tasks and through the provision, ensuring that expectations are high and challenge the children’s understanding.

We believe our children have the right to achieve in an environment, which values their ideas, thoughts and feelings, and with staff who understands that they are individuals and are able to guide and support them to achieve their next goal. We aim for every child to be secure in the prime and specific areas of learning as they move into Year 1. Overall, we strive to ensure that all children have the right to learn and to feel successful.


We aim to ensure that we support you and your child at this exciting stage of their learning journey. If you have any questions, queries or concerns please email me or contact the school office to arrnage an appointment.


Take a look at our amazing Early Years setting by following the link

Who's Who?

Nursery  - Miss Riley; Mrs Gordon 

Upper Foundation - Mrs Kimbley (Early Years Leader) and Mrs Middleton.



We value reading within the academy; reading forms the basis for our homework in the Early Years.  Parents are welcome to come into school to read and borrow books through our lending library to share with their children at home.

In Upper Foundation Stage, children have an individual reading books and sight words to read with an adult at home. During the year, projects linked to our topic are also set for the children to complete at home.





At Towngate Primary Academy, we encourage the children to be smart in appearance so that they are ready to learn.

  • Below is a list of our academy uniform:

  • - White collared shirt or polo shirt
  • - Grey trousers, shorts or skirt
  • - Blue summer dress or grey pinafore
  • - Navy blue academy jumper or cardigan
  • - Black shoes


PE Kit

It is important for the children to have the correct PE kit in school, including the correct footwear, to particpate in sporting activities. Only children in F2 need to bring a PE Kit to school, Nursery children do not need a PE Kit.


- Black or navy shorts

- White polo shirt or t-shirts

- Pumps or trainers


- Black or navy shorts or jogging bottoms

- White polo shirt or t-shirt

- Black or navy hoody/jacket

- Trainers



 Take a look at what we have been up to this week!

 6th September 2019

We would like to welcome everyone back after the holiday and hope you have had a lovely summer.
All the staff in Foundation Stage would like to say how proud we are of all the children this week. We have had a very positive and settled start to our new school year. The children have worked very hard drawing pictures, making patterns and practising our numbers this week. 
Well done everyone!

13th September 2019

We have had another very busy week in Foundation Stage. We are so proud of how the children are settling in and engaging in their learning. F1 have been busy drawing themselves for their Guess Who display. F2 have been thinking about autumn. We have been using our cutting skills and drawing autumn pictures. We have also been thinking about our numbers and finding the missing number in a number line. Well done everyone!

 20th September 2019

This week F1 and F2 have been thinking about people who help us. F1 have been learning about different jobs within the community and F2 have been thinking about people who help us at home and at school. We have been drawing self-portraits in F1 and pictures of our family in F2. We have also been learning about shapes and their properties, including 2D and 3D shapes. Well done everyone.

27th September 2019

We have had a very busy week at school. F1 have been thinking about autumn and they have enjoyed looking for signs of autumn in the school grounds. F2 have been learning to add two numbers together in our mathematics lessons.  We have all enjoyed baking for our McMillan coffee morning. Well done everyone.

4th October 2019

This week F1 have been busy counting objects accurately in our number work. We have also enjoyed making scarecrow pictures using lots of different materials. F2 have been working hard in our phonics lessons, learning how to segment and blend sounds to help us read and write. We have also enjoyed mixing powder paints to make different shades of autumn. We have been using paintings by Kandinsky to inspire our work.

11th October 2019

This week F1 have been busy colour mixing within their artwork. The have also been learning about shapes and their properties and they have enjoyed finding shapes in the environment. F2 have been thinking about firefighters this week. We have enjoyed our Read Write Ink lessons and we are trying hard to blend and segment words to support our reading and writing. We have also been thinking about the length of objects and the words we can use to describe them.

18th October 2019

This week we have been thinking about autumn in Early Years. F1 have been painting pictures of autumn trees and practising their counting skills through their focused work.

F2 have been writing simple sentences about autumn. We have been learning how the spell "the" and "like" to help us with our writing. We have also been practising finding 1 more and 1 less than a given number.

25th October 2019

We would just like to say how proud we are of all the children in F1 and F2 this half term, you have all worked very hard. This week F1 have been learning about the days of the week and they have been busy making pumpkin heads in their art activities. F2 enjoyed learning about being a police officer this week. Thank you to Mr Robson for visiting Early Years this week and talking to the children. F2 have been working hard practising our writing and also learning to subtract in our mathematics work. We hope you enjoy your holiday

8th November 2019

 Welcome back to a new half term, we hope everyone had a lovely break. F1 have been busy this week thinking about our value of the month - love. We have been making love hearts with the name of someone special on it. We have also been painting firework pictures and learning about Guy Fawkes. F2 have had a busy week. We have been writing about what we can see and hear when fireworks explode and using paint to create a picture of fireworks in the sky. We have been learning about Parliament and talking about rules and the law. We have also been learning to tell the time focusing on o'clock.

15th November

During anti - bullying week the children have been talking about how we can be a good friend. F2 made a friendship chain using their ideas. F1 have been busy learning about rhyming words and they have also enjoyed learning about numbers to 10 and going on a number hunt in the outdoor area. F2 have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties this week. We have also been reading the story "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell. We used this story to inspire our own writing.

22nd November

In Early Years this week, we have been busy practising for our Christmas Concert! Within our learning, we have been thinking about owls and animals, which are nocturnal. F2 have been reading the story, Peace at Last and using this to inspire our own writing. The children have been working hard to look at sharing objects in their mathematics learning. Well done everyone for another wonderful week! In Nursery, we welcomed parents for our second ‘First Steps Together’ afternoon where we focused on number. Thank you to those parents / carers who could attend.

29th November

This week in F1 the children have enjoyed reading the story, Owl Babies. The children have been thinking about the words they can use to describe the owl babies and they have been painting the owls using a toothbrush. F1 have also been busy learning to recognise numbers and they have enjoyed searching for them outside. F2 have been reading Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. We have been writing simple sentences about the beginning of the story. F2 have worked very hard this week in maths, thinking about numbers from 11 to 19 and learning about tens and units. We have been using the numicon to represent these numbers. We have also been thinking about different light sources.

6th December

This week we have all been busy practising our concert ready to perform to you next week. We are very excited and hope you are all going to enjoy it. F1 have been busy learning about shapes and how to Fred Talk to help the children orally blend CVC words. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Grandparent's morning, we hope you had a lovely time with your children. F2 have been busy learning how to use money in our role-play area and through our maths work. We have also been writing about our story Whatever Next.

13th December

This week we performed our Christmas concert, The Bossy King. It was a very exciting and busy day. We were so proud of the children's performances, everyone tried their best! Well done, you were all amazing and I am sure all your adults were very, very proud of you too. F1 have also been busy making snowmen in their art activities, practising their Fred Talk and developing their knowledge of 2D shapes this week. F2 have been using their reading skills, as they looked for real and nonsense words in the environment. They have been using the weighing scales and thinking about the vocabulary, we need to use to talk about our work. The children have also been using their observational skills to draw a teddy bear. Well done everyone! 

20th December

This week has been another very exciting and busy week. F2 have enjoyed singing carols in Ossett to raise money for Age UK and visiting the Church this morning to sing carols and learn more about the Christmas story. We would just like to say how proud we were of their behaviour on both occasions. We have also been busy practising our adding and subtracting skills, writing and using our scissor skills to make a snowman.
F1 have been busy this week making Christmas crafts. We all enjoyed our Christmas party yesterday. Thank you to everyone for your kind food donations, we had a wonderful time.
We would just like to say well done to everyone for working so hard this term. We wish you all a very happy and peaceful holiday.


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