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Welcome back to all children and staff to Towngate Primary Academy 2018. Our SEAL theme is "Going for Goals" this half term, remember..."you can do it, you can do it!"


The School is well resourced for the teaching of Design technology from Foundation to Year 6. Design and making assignments are the means whereby skills and knowledge are drawn together in the creation of a product. The areas covered include Food Technology, Textiles, Construction and the Engineering of moulded materials. Projects are often linked to other areas of the curriculum such as Science, History and Art. When we are doing Design and Technology we:

• investigate and evaluate products to help generate ideas for our own work;
• make detailed plans for our ideas showing what we want to achieve and how to do it; use our plans to make products, evaluating and adapting our ideas as we work;
• work with tools and equipment safely and accurately to measure and mark, cut and shape, join and combine and decorate and finish different materials;
• learn about how different materials and mechanisms can be used for a purpose.


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