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Welcome back to all children and staff to Towngate Primary Academy 2018. Our SEAL theme is "Going for Goals" this half term, remember..."you can do it, you can do it!"

Curriculum Information

Please see our Curriculum intentions, implementiation and impact document below, and our curriculum promises, for a clear overview of our curriculum planning. There is more detail on the implementation of our curriculum on the subject pages. Our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that children's learning is centered around Age Appropriate Skills. We take this approach in all subjects. Throughout everything, the learning of fundamental British Values and opportunities to develop wider understanding of the modern world are threaded through the curriculum, through our value based learning. 

We take a consistent approach to the teaching of the Core curriculum (reading, writing, maths, science, PE). 

In Reading, we teach a guided reading curriculum that covers key skills needed to become a great reader - understanding inference, retrieval of information, authorial intent, understanding of text layout to name a few. We teach from the Rigby Star Guided reading scheme across the academy. Children access author based book collections, the school library, have high quality reading experiences such as the EOCT book awards, and teachers ensure that children regularly read at home and in school. We use School Library Service every half term to refresh our topic book collections. 

We use Jolly phonics in Early years, moving onto LCP phonics planning in key stage one to ensure consistent teaching of phonics across the infants section of the academy 

In Writing, children learn to become great writers through experiencing quality texts. They study a new book each half term, and generate high quality writing opportunities from this. 

In Maths, children develop mathematical skills through a consistent Mastery approach. 

In the foundation subjects, we use a progressive, skill based curriculum called the "Learning Challenge" to ensure all of the foundation subjects are taught at age appropriate level and through an engaging enquiry format. This ensures we are able to accuately assess all of our foundation subjects. 

Please see our curriculum sections for more details. Below you will find information for parents on the expectations within our curriculum. 

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