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Have a lovely half term. We look forward to welcoming children back on Monday 2nd November. F2 are due back in school from Tuesday 3rd November. Thank you

Attendance & Behaviour


'Inspire self- belief, instil moral values and ignite a love of life long learning' 


At Towngate Primary Academy we work closely with parents and carers to achieve and maintain high standards of attendance. For a child to reach their full educational achievement coming to school every day is essential. We are committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all our children in an environment where all pupils feel welcome and valued. Every child has a right to access the education to which he/she is entitled.  

It is our duty to consistently strive to achieve a goal of 100% attendance for all children. We use every opportunity to convey to pupils and their parents or carers the importance of regular and punctual attendance. For our children to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered it is vital a child is at school, on time, every day the school is open unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. High attainment, confidence with peers and staff and future aspirations depend on good attendance. 

As set down by the Department for Education, schools are only able to authorise absence from school in exceptional circumstances. When requesting an authorised absence from school you will need to explain why the circumstances are exceptional. Please note there is no general right to authorise absence for a family holiday and if you take your child out of school without permission the absence will be unauthorised and a Penalty Notice may be considered.

Explanation of Annual Percentage (%) Attendance 



Days Missed Over a Year











If your child’s attendance is under 95%, they are missing at least two weeks of learning time a year. If their attendance is at 90%, they are missing four weeks. This will significantly affect their work and reduce their grades.



The responsibilities in relation to attendance are as follows:-


Set high expectations for pupil attendance, and monitor individual and whole school attendance on a daily and weekly basis,
Identify causes of concern with regard to pupil attendance.
Conduct first day response where there is unexplained absence.
Invite parents/carers into school to discuss pupil attendance which is a cause of concern.
Work with parents of individual pupils to try to improve attendance and punctuality.
Work in partnership with Wakefield Authority and the Education Welfare Service and the Inspire Partnership MAT.
Maintain electronic registration data systems effectively and deploy them robustly to facilitate presentation reports.
To provide attendance data for parents.
Promote attendance at all levels.
Celebrate excellent and improved attendance.
 *Please note school does not authorise holidays during term time. Please download a holiday request form below if you need to request leave of absnece during term time. 


To ensure pupils arrive at school on time everyday and that routines are in place at home to support this.
To contact school by 9.30am on each day of absence if the absence is unavoidable.
To obtain evidence where possible to support medical absence.
To avoid term time holidays, and attempt to minimise school time appointments. 


To arrive at school, on time everyday with correct equipment and ready to learn.
Comply with school regulations regarding attendance and punctuality
Discuss any concerns they may have with staff regarding attendance and punctuality. 


The Education Welfare Service will work in partnership to promote and facilitate improved attendance, at an individual level, by supporting the Fastrack to Attendance Programme; and at a whole school level using proactive strategies and action plans.
The Education Welfare Service will work with children and families to ensure their school attendance and safeguarding is maintained.
The Education Welfare Service will provide guidance with regards to Children Missing Education.
The Education Welfare Service will work in partnership with other agencies and will offer advice and signposting for referrals to appropriate organisations.
The Education Welfare Service will undertake legal action on behalf of the school.
Wakefield Local Authority will support the school with networking and training events and with individual School Audits and Action Plans.



Hello, I’m Miss Pyrah the Attendance and Behaviour officer here at Towngate Primary Academy.


Good attendance is perhaps the most important factor in successful learning. Towngate Primary Academy recognises that there is a clear link between student attendance and achievement, and that students with good attendance have the best chance of  being successful.  At Towngate Primary Academy , students are encouraged to have 100% attendance, and aim for a minimum of 97% over the Academic year. 


Parents are requested not to arrange family holidays or visits during term time.  Applications for such visits will not be approved and will count as unauthorised absence, which could lead to a penalty notice being issued. If you wish to request a leave of absence during term time, please do this in writing and submit it to Mrs Berry, our Headteacher, to consider.


Punctuality is essential if your child is going to make the most of their learning.  If your child is absent then you must telephone the Academy office by 8.35 am each day your child is absent.

Classroom doors close at 9.00am sharp, after this time your child will need to be signed in at main reception and will receive a late mark. If your child arrives after 9.10am your child will received a U mark, this means that your child arrived after registers closed and therefore is an unauthorised absence mark. In line with Towngate Academy’s  Attendance Policy any child that receives 10 late marks within the academic year, any further late marks will be recorded as U (unauthorised absence) and could result in a penalty notice.


 Mrs Berry (Headteacher) and I are always around the school grounds on a morning if you would like to discuss any of this information further. 


If you have any questions or require further support please feel free to contact me here at the academy or on 01924 302865.




Class Attendance- Year to Date
Nursery  97.46%
F2 96.76%
Class 1 98.18%
Class 2 97.35%
Class 3 97.21%
Class 3/4 97.83%
Class 4 98.26%
Class 5 97.57%
Class 5/6 97.20%
Class 6 96.81%
Whole School  97.49%



Take a look at our Attendance Blog 

Our Whole Schools Attandance target is 97%.

Here at Towngate we believe this is achievable, with a little hard work and dedication. 



06.09.2019-Welcome back everyone.It;s been so lovely seeing you all of you looking so neat in your new school uniform.I'm looking forward to smashing our target of 97% this year and giving all of you some amazing awards.Lets do this Towngate!

13.09.2019=Well Towngate it's been a good week for attendance. We are back over 97% mark,lets keep it like that. Well done to class 2 and F2 for winning attendance this week with a 100%, you will be well on your way to Hot Chocolate.

20.09.2019- Well Towngate we are back into the swing of it all amd these figures are starting to show it. I wonder which class will achieve perfect attendance first! Just a reminder that only the teachers are here Monday and Tuesday next week so take advantage and have a sleep in. We will see you all bright and early on Wednesday.

27.09.2019-Well Towngate it's been a short week this week and even though the weather has changed your attitude to being here and on time evry day hasn't.Well done Towngate we have olny had 2 late marks this week.See you all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday.

04.10.2019- Well Towngate we are 5 weeks in and attendance is going strong.We just need to mke sure we are here on time.Well done to class 2 and F2 for achieveing perfect attendance. I hope you enjoy your hot chocolate and marshmellows.

11.10.2019- Good Morning All, sadly lateness is on the rise again, we all understand that now it is a lot darker and colder on a morning that it can be difficult to get going but I must remind you that the academy will only authorise 10 late marks across the whole academic year. Also, the cold bugs are now starting to catch up with everyone, please remember that your child is expected to attend school with a cold, like we all would be expected to attend work however, If your child is going to be absent from school, you must contact school on each morning they are going to be absent. By working together, we can hopefully achieve every child being here and on time next week.

18.10.2019 - Good Morning all, attendance is looking great heading into the last week of term. lets finish strong. just a quick reminder as lateness is on the rise. The academy will only authorise 10 late marks for the academic year. any futher lateness will incure a unauthorised mark and a penalty notice will be issued.  

25.10.2019- Well Towngate it's finally the last day before the half term. We are holding onto our targets by the skin of our teeth. Please have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you all fresh faced on Monday 4th November.

8.11.19- Well Towngate, the weather has definitely changed and brought the season of coughs and colds. Please remember to try and send your child to school everyday. If they are unwell we will call you.

15.11.19- Well Towngate we have officially dropped below our target of 97%. It's important that we come to school every day on time as lateness is on the increase as well. Lets get back on track next week.

22.11.19- Well Towngate we have just reached 97% again. Se know that bugs are everywhere at the moment, but there are some amazing things going on in school,you won't want to miss.

29.11.19 - Well Towngate we have dropped our attendance percentage dramatically to 96.52%. This means we are no longer on target. Let's not let all these cold and flu bugs get the best of us. We will aim high to be here every day and on time. 

6.12.19 - Well Towngate it seems we are starting to all fight back against these winter bugs. Lets keep it that way and get back on target. Lates are going up - we have had 25 late marks this week. This is the highest so far this year. Remember Every Day Matters - Be here and be on time as every minute counts. Look forward to next week and all the amazing Christmas shows.

13.12.19- Well Towngate, Christmas is almost upon us. Lets finish strong and enjoy the festive acivities together.

20.12.19 - Merry Christmas from all the Team here at Towngate, we look forward to seeing everyone in 2020. lets hit our target in the new year.  

10.01.20-Welcome back everyone hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! Our target is lower than we would of liked it to be, so let's kick this year off to a good start.

17.01.2020-Well Towngate our target has not been yet! Let's try get here on time to have fun with our friends and enjoy learning!

24.01.2020- Well Towngate, the weather has definitely changed and brought the season of coughs and colds. Please remember to try and send your child to school everyday. If they are unwell we will call you.

31.01.2020- Well Towngate we are arriving on time alot better this week :) lets keep it up!

07.02.2020-Well Towngate we have had a lot of lates this week, can we start a fresh next week and get here on time! Lets work together.

14.02.2020- Well Towngate happy valentine's day. Lets keep going and letting our target going up!

28.02.2020-Welcome back everyone, hope you all had a lovely week off. We have had a few lates this week, lets work together to be here on time and lets smash our target next week!!

06.03.2020- Well Towngate we still have a high number of lates, lets work toegther to be here on time :) remember be here bwtween 8.50am and 9.00am to get your register mark.

13.03.2020- Well Towngate our lates are slowly going down in numbers :) lets keep it up!


13.9.2020- Welcome back Towngate, I hope you all managed to have a good holiday! Lets kick this year off with brilliant attendance!

18.9.2020- Well Towngate I know the world is still not 'normal' but we appreciate everyone working together to get all the children in school and keep them as safe as possible.

 25.9.2020- Well Townagte I just want to say thank you for working with us at this crazy time, and lets keep us all as safe as possible!

02.10.2020- Well Towngate each week our attendance is slowly going up lets keep it going!

09.10.2020- I just want to thank you all for been on time every day and arriving with a smile on your face. :)

16.10.2020-Well Towngate, the weather has definitely changed and brought the season of coughs and colds. Please remember to try and send your child to school everyday. If they are unwell we will call you.

 23.10.2020- We are just over our school target now lets keep going!

06.11.2020 - Welcome back Towngate I hope you all had a brillaint week off last week!

13.11.2020- Well Towngate we are just over our school target lets work together and make it better!

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